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Want to join us?

Read these guidelines and if it sounds good to you, give us a call.

Vendor Guidelines & Space Pricing 


Space and Terms:


Space: Providing 2500 square feet of retail space and will provide these spaces for rent in a variety of sizes.  A month-to-month commitment. Vendor shall give one month written notice to end space rental agreement. Sub-leasing is not permitted without express written permission.  


Upstairs Space and Terms:

Monthly rent is $4.00/sq ft + 2 (6) hour shift per month per 100 square feet of space.


Downstairs Space and Terms:

Used for Storage or Project Work Space ONLY (non-retail).

Customers will NOT have access to the basement.

Monthly rent is $1.00/sq ft. No additional work days are required.


Other Fees:

The following fees will be deducted from your monthly payment check.

1.  A 10% commission of your gross sales will be deducted from your monthly payment check.

2.  Consignment goods will have 40% of gross sales deducted from your monthly payment check.



Rent is due on the first of every month.  Rent can be paid online or a check dropped off during store hours.  If the rent is not paid on the first of each rental period, a $20.00 fee per day will be charged and the dealer may be asked to forfeit the reserved space.



Building insurance is carried by the landlord of the building.  However, you are responsible for insuring your own products against theft or loss.  Vendors are responsible to carry your own insurance on your products.


Duty Days and Work Schedule:

Each vendor is required to work two, 6 hour shifts per 100 square foot space per month.  We will allow you to sign up for your duty days one quarter at a time. You are required to find someone to work for you if you sign up and cannot make it. If you are unable to make the commitment, many times people are willing to exchange dates to help you out. For vendors who prefer not to work their duty days, we will provide someone to cover your shift at a rate of $10 per hour - charge to the non-working vendor.


Presentation and Pricing:

You are responsible for keeping your space clean and kept in an orderly fashion.  You are responsible for staging your products.  However if, for example, a busy weekend has left you with "holes" in your space due to high volumes of sales, we may rearrange your booth to keep the space looking fresh and professionally staged as possible.


All items must be tagged with your vendor number, a small description of your product and price. Please use fresh tags on all your merchandise. Do not reuse price tags. Any crossed out price tags or scratched out wording is not permitted. It cheapens the brand and makes it look like it hasn't sold and you are just marking it down to sell quickly.  


Direct contact information IS permitted on your tags. Our policy is that if you are contacted by would be customer looking to buy direct from you outside the store, that you steer them back to Time Bomb Vintage to have all sales go through the store. We have a strict policy on this and if the policy isn't adhered to, your lease can be terminated immediately.



Keep it Fresh!  As a vendor, you will want to maintain a fresh inventory and the aim to have at least a 50% turnover on a quarterly basis. We reserve the right to occasionally remove items that are not allowed per your agreement (see products), items we deem to be over priced or have not sold over time, and are not aligned with keeping with the brand of the store.



Time Bomb Vintage strives to carry the most unique and high quality merchandise in our store.  We offer vintage products from years past to include, mid-century modern, Art Deco, Hollywood Regency, mod, motorcycle/auto oil and gas, vintage signs and advertising, vintage toys, vintage food packaging, vintage apparel and accessories, re-purposed, rusty and farm fresh.  Did we miss anything?  Be it classical antiques, re-purposed items, or hand crafted from recycled materials, we strive to offer products that have once been used in one form or another.  No "new" or re-production pieces are allowed to be sold in the store.  Please refer to the master list of items that are in hot demand and products not allowed in the store.


Marketing and Branding of Time Bomb Vintage:

Time Bomb Vintage will be responsible for the marketing and branding aspects of the business and will maintain creative control of all shop-wide signage, storefronts and branding. The 10% commission on gross total sales is used to allow us to pay for marketing, social media and advertising expenses to help increase the stores overall sales. Vendors and consignees are encouraged to advertise through their own channels such as their own website and social media, such as Facebook or Instagram, that their items are now available at Time Bomb Vintage. We also want to encourage vendors to tag, pin, or comment on any of Time Bomb Vintage social media sites/updates as a means of bringing visibility to the shop. 



Other Rules and Regulations:
  • Time Bomb Vintage is a smoke-free building. Please smoke outside the back door only. No smoking is allowed in the front of the store.

  • All vendors must have a valid Minnesota tax number.

  • All sales tax collected is paid to the vendor; it is the vendor's responsibly to pay the tax to the state of MInnesota.

  • When you are selling lamps and turning them on, please use 40 watt or less bulbs.

  • Keep your booth in an orderly fashion.  Do not pile things on the floor.  Make sure your booth/area is easily accessible.  All areas must be easily accessed.

  • You are responsible for your own insurance on your merchandise.

  • Please use common sense in keeping our store clean.


Discount Policy:

We will be allowing a 10% discount to dealers with a valid tax number on items over $20 per item. We can do the same for the general public, (only if asked), if you do not wish the general public to receive this discount, please increase your price point to reflect this in your price. 


Vendor Purchasing:

On vendors purchasing from customers, we will use the first come first served method.  The first person on the schedule for that day will get the first chance at buying, on down the line. The owners will always go first.  If you are not on duty, please do not interfere with a duty vendor purchasing. If none of the duty vendors want to buy from the walk in, then you may be asked to participate.  



We offer to consign certain pieces and lines of products that interest us on a case by case basis. We have a 60/40 split with 60% going to the consignee and 40% going to the Time Bomb Vintage.

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