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We buy your stuff!


Do you have some cool vintage items you're looking to sell? Give us a call or drop by the store any time during our business hours and we'll take a look. Please note that Minneapolis law requires we keep a photocopy of your I.D. on file.

Here are some of the items we LOVE to buy:
  • vintage clothing, jewelry & accessories 

  • pre-1995  toys, games & figures 

  • cereal & lunch boxes (pre-'85)

  • vintage food packaging 

  • vinyl records and cassettes

  • advertising signs, displays & giveaways

  • mid-century modern decorative

  • cool & unusual stuff!

Here are some of the items we DON'T buy:
  • "Twins Wheaties" boxes

  • Beanie Babies

  • "llimited edition" toys & dolls

  • faux-tiques & reproductions

  • modern "Made in China" items

  • fast food premiums

  • granny-antiques (tea cups, doilies, figurines, china, carnival glass)

  • newly produced items

  • stolen property

  • boring stuff!

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